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Well, i never really thought i'd make a blog. But here it is, and i figured i'd make a blog away from all my friends where nobody who knows me can find this....
because seriousness scares friends and normal people away.
So here you can choose to read this...and if nobody reads it, then...i'm lost in cyberspace somewhere.
If you're still reading, then hellooooo...I'm Lynn, I'm 27 I was born and raised in Salem, Ma (yes the witch city) but now live in a nonexistent city, that i don't belong in. (methuen) It's sort of one of those places that dosn't have anything special in least Lawrence, Ma the hideous ghetto crime city right next to methuen used to be a wicked cool place...with a huge history.
I'm stuck not knowing what exactly to do with my life.
I'm a recluse, and i'm scared one day i'll wake up and be 50, or who knows maybe i just wont wake up ;)
I'm rather alone most of the time, but i think i'm content alone (a lie) the more i'm around people the more i dislike myself.
I don't mix well with people, as i'm not like them.....i'm weird, i'm cynical and i am bitter with a vehement self hatred, and an anger toward humanity that eats away at my physical body, Yet i'm empathetic and my love and appreciation for people and life probably outdoes anyone i know. I guess that's sort of an oxymoron, but to me it makes sense.
I'm a naturalist, a hippie i guess? I love all that stuff. I'm very spiritual, but sometimes depression takes that away. I'm a very serious person, and i find it hard not to be...i struggle not to be, as it scares most people away...but i enjoy seriousness. Around people i'm the opposite i guess, but only because i have to be. I wouldn't really call it fake, Just a me i learned to be over time...
I love talking to people who are deep, and open. I feed off it :)
I hate TV, i hate todays movies and shows, and so called reality's such a sick reality. I thikn society is mainly a bunch of apathetic And a boring boring generation of typical american types who are trendy, close minded, porn fed and addicted, selfish.......ok so i'm getting out of
I think i'm all set for now with this....maybe the next posts will be more blog like. I have to get used to it you know? but i'm pumped to try this out :P

SO that's it for now it's 3am and i'm off to bed to dream good dreams...

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